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Web Development

Your website is the face of your business. This is why savvy web development is a must. The first impression almost every future client has of your business is formed when they visit your site. We’ve all searched online and landed on a website that left us with a less than favorable impression of a business before. Ask yourself, how much further did you go in exploring a relationship with a business that had a substandard website? They may have glowing reviews. Their prices could be surprisingly competitive. But you couldn’t quite shake the feeling that they were something less than professional, right?

You have also visited websites that inspired confidence right away and made it easy to find the information you were after. It’s easy to understand how web development plays such a pivotal role in your company’s image and reach. It is perhaps, not as easy to understand what separates high-quality web development from the merely ordinary, however. Anyone can look through a site and decide whether or not it has eye appeal and is easy to navigate. But what else determines how well that page will perform for you? What makes web development tick beyond the surface design and navigation we call all see?

Form Follows Function

Skillful web development results in an attractive website that accurately conveys your brand image. A good site should make the visitor feel something and compel them to engage and take action. It will broadcast its relevance to their interests at first glance. No one should ever visit your site and be unclear about who you are and what you do. While there are circumstances when appearing enigmatic can be an asset that piques curiosity, 9 times out of 10 people just want to cut to the chase. If web development and marketing is doing its job correctly then your site visitor isn’t there by mistake.

So, we know clear branding, concise navigation and making people feel something as soon as they land on your site are de rigueur in superior web development. We know it’s the job of SEO marketing, PPC advertising and brand awareness to bring visitors. But what else is required for a high-performance website that rewards the visitor’s investment of time and invites them to explore and immerse?

Web Development

Performative web development and design includes:

  • Clarity of purpose. It must be readily apparent that the site visitor has found what they were looking for. The first content they encounter should get right the point and make it crystal clear what the sites purpose and your mission is.
  • Communication through design. Talented web development specialists know how to communicate via design. Color, typography and imagery can speak volumes for you, if you know how to use them to your advantage.
  • Intuitive and consistent navigation. A beautiful website can be letdown by lousy or inconsistent navigation. No one should have to hunt to find a menu or struggle to locate what the information they seek. Your content can only capture their attention if they can find their way to it easily.  
  • Optimization for mobile devices. Almost 70% of website visits occur on mobile. Yet when most people are considering web development, they spend almost all of their time perusing the desktop version of their site. Agile Marketing Group optimizes every site for mobile. We prioritize site speed, load time and rendering on all major operating systems and browsers.

Standards and Scalability

WordPress is the de facto standard for modern web development and with good reason. 43% of the most visited websites in the world use WordPress. WordPress is also the dominant player among sites using content management systems (CMS) with over 65% of the market. Agile Marketing Group focuses our web development efforts primarily on WordPress because it is an industry standard.

Some digital marketing agencies seek to lock you in to proprietary platforms that leave your hands tied and limit your options. At Agile Marketing Group, we build lean, performative websites that can easily grow with your business and you always hold the keys. The popularity of WordPress means you have a tremendous range of themes, plug-ins and other tools that let you bring just about any functionality you can imagine to your site.

Web Development

Agile Web Development

Agile Digital Marketing Services

Our combined decades of experience in the healthcare sphere give us invaluable insight into industry trends. Before our first consultation, chances are we are already familiar with your competition and their website. We have first-hand knowledge of what works best in this arena. We will put our expertise to work to leverage your existing content assets and craft a brilliant website worth of your brand.

Put the hard-won experience we have earned honing our skills in the extremely competitive behavioral healthcare marketing space to work for you. We will expand your online presence and get you the attention you deserve. Contact Agile Marketing Group today for a free consultation and find out how a partnership with us can take your business to the next level.


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