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By now it’s no secret that social media is a powerful tool in the arsenal of any modern business. Social media optimization is the practice of keeping your voice in sync and on message across platforms. It’s no longer sufficient to simply have a website and social media accounts for your business if you want to maximize the benefits of your assets. With social media optimization, your website and social sites are always speaking the same language. Without this integration, not only do you miss out on valuable marketing synergy, but it makes it look like the right hand doesn’t know what the left is doing.

In the past learning more about your customers took a great deal of maneuvering. You were then left to your own devices to find a way to organize and analyze the data to make use of it. The advent of social media has given individuals standardized platforms to broadcast their own demographic information. Their likes, dislikes, desires, fears and dreams. There is no more valuable source of information about your future clients then the clients themselves. Social media optimization greatly increases your visibility to the audiences you most want to reach. It ensures you stay on message and speak with one voice across various platforms and mediums.

What Defines Effective SMO?

Each component in your brands online presence has a purpose. Your website serves to inform and provide a central platform for content and brand information. Think of your website as a destination. Social media on the other hand gives you the means to reach outwards and establish dialog with people more directly. It gives your brand a voice and a personality and invites your audience to interact.

Social media helps create new connections by exposing people to your content and messaging who might otherwise never have encountered it. Social also fosters the crucial interactive communication with your audience that blossoms into a relationship. Social media optimization is the art of synchronizing all of your social media channels with your website and content. This ensures that the digital marketing strategy we worked so hard to craft together is being implemented across the board.

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Well executed Social Media Optimization (SMO) incorporates:

  • Social strategy. Social media optimization is proactive. It takes you to your audience rather than waiting patiently for them to find you. It’s an essential ingredient in any comprehensive digital marketing strategy. Social keeps your brand in the center of the conversation.
  • Engaging your audience. Social media makes interaction with prospective clients easier than ever before. Social media optimization capitalizes on opportunities to engage and grow your audience. Great social media optimization automates processes to make it easy for you to keep the gears turning without needless busy work.
  • Maximizing the impact of quality content. A cohesive social media optimization strategy amplifies your message. Supplementing your comprehensive web content on a subject or trend with social media broadcasting helps both draw an audience and exponentially increases your visibility.
  • Building trust and authority. Ensuring your social media presence is always acting in support of your brand and emphasizing the message of the moment is key. Consistency, synchronicity and repetition has impact and it builds trust. SMO makes sure your voice is always heard above the din.
  • Driving traffic. Because SMO consistently increases visibility and exposes your message to a broader relevant audience, it’s a natural stimulant for traffic to your site. More than simply raising traffic, it brings relevant traffic which is more likely to convert.

Put Social Media Optimization to Work

Agile Marketing Groups expertise in social media optimization acts as a force multiplier for your content marketing, pay-per-click marketing campaigns and everything else we do to amplify your online presence. Social media makes your brand more visible and accessible. SMO ensures that effect remains constant and consistent. Social media is such a powerful tool that offers so much reach for so little spend that it’s too rich of an opportunity not to utilize fully. The single best way to do that is via SMO. It really is that simple.


Make Your Social Media Agile

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Here’s the bottom line. Quality content that informs and entertains combined with consistent engagement with your audience are the key ingredients to SMO. Agile Marketing Group utilizes experienced SEO content creators and social media strategists to deliver the SMO knockout punch you need. AMG has the formula for SMO success, especially when it comes to the ultra-competitive SA/MH healthcare sphere. Contact Agile Marketing Group today for a free consultation and find out how a partnership with us can take your business to the next level.


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