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Why SEO Matters


Search is king when it comes to reaching the audiences you want to interact with most. Navigating the ocean of information online would be impossible without the map and compass that search engines represent. The key to getting your websites and landing pages in front of the eyes you want to reach is search engine optimization (SEO) and SEO services. Note, we didn’t just say SEO. If mastering the Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page) was as simple as just plugging in keywords, SEO services wouldn’t be necessary. Before we continue, let’s talk a little more about what SEO actually is. What SEO means, in layman’s terms, is optimizing your content so that Google can clearly detect its relevance to the audience you intend to reach.

Let’s say you’re a candlestick manufacturer. Proper search engine optimization is a lot more complex than simply inserting the word “candlestick” as many times as possible in your web content. That would be a very crude approximation of what is called ‘keyword stuffing’ and Google doesn’t reward it. In fact, Google penalizes it and rightly so. Keyword stuffing is dishonest and it directly undermines Google’s primary objective of providing search results that are as relevant as possible to the end user. Not only that, but it results in gibberish content that no one wants to read. Even if all of that weren’t the case, it would fail to accurately target a specific audience for your business. Do you sell pre-packaged candlesticks in small quantities? Or do you manufacture them in bulk for resellers? Do you make basic candlesticks in a uniform size for industrial use? Or do you handcraft luxury artisanal beeswax candlesticks? Obviously, there are different audiences and approaches for each of these scenarios.

Effective SEO Requires Skill and Strategy

The reality is that there are a torrent of websites and content online competing for the same audiences. Google’s mission is to distill the most relevant results possible onto their SERP for their users. The more content that’s created and the more topics and subtopics people search for, the more difficult it becomes for Google to do its job well. Of course, Google didn’t get to where it is today without doing its job very, very well. This is one key reason why the world of search is constantly evolving. It’s more accurate to view it as a growing, continually adapting organism than as a dusty old card catalog in a library. To this end, SEO services must constantly evolve too in order to stay competitive and effective.

What SEO Services Can Do for You

Let’s be honest. There’s only so many spots on the first page and all of your competitors want them too. You need an edge and once you get a toehold, you don’t get to just relax and take it for granted. This is where SEO services come in. What effective SEO services can do for you is not only improve your search ranking but make certain you are ranking for the right keywords for the audiences you want to reach when you want to reach them.

What many people do not realize is that both space and time are involved in this equation when you are trying to reach people before they make a decision. It’s not sufficient to simply put yourself in front of people interested in what you offer. You need to reach the people who are not only in a position to decide, but eligible and capable of becoming your customer. We’ve only scratched the surface here, but no doubt you are beginning to see


How Do I Recognize a Quality SEO Services Provider?

You likely already know some keywords that you want to rank for. You probably have good sense of what your target customers look like and where you might find them. You’re an expert in your field and you understand your product or service and the benefits it provides your customers. You recognize the value of SEO content and realize you need more than just content and keywords, but a cohesive SEO strategy and someone to implement it. That’s what SEO services do. So how do you know when you’ve found a quality SEO services provider?


Here are some of the key attributes a great SEO services provider should have:

  • They communicate well. An effective SEO services provider needs to understand your specific business and what makes it unique, not just the industry as a whole. They should also have a continuing conversation with you about your goals and challenges. Who your competition is and what lies on the horizon.
  • Assessment and realistic projections. Great SEO services providers listen first. Then they process information and respond thoughtfully. They don’t promise to put you at the top of page 1 in a week or make any other outlandish claims before they’ve even taken in the lay of the land. They give you realistic assessments after careful analysis and they keep communicating.
  • Honesty. The SEO service provider you want is the one who isn’t afraid to tell you the truth. You want the good news, but you need any bad news too. If they’re constantly trying to paint an overly rosy scenario they are doing you a disservice by compromising your ability to make informed decisions.
  • They deliver. This one is kind of obvious, but you’re hiring an SEO service provider to improve your search rankings, right? So, they should do that. Now, if you picked an honest one, they are going to tell you the truth, which is that it takes several months to see real results with the best agencies. But you should see them go to work shoring up your assets, asking questions and working for you. You need to be patient, but if you get to the 6+ month mark and you’ve seen no signs of improvement (or worse, your ranking is moving backwards) then it’s time for a talk.

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