Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Why Pay-Per-Click Matters


Pay-per-click or PPC has become the dominant form of online advertising in the search engine space. Google is the starting point for 91.9% of online search activity globally. An effective PPC campaign serves your brand and message to the people you most want to reach. People who are ready to buy click on PPC ads almost 65% of the time. More than half of them (52%) will also call the business.

PPC marketing not only allows you to deliver your message to a receptive audience, but it also enhances your organic search engine optimization efforts. Supporting well-crafted SEO content with PPC advertising gives you the leg up when it comes to getting onto the first page and staying there. Agile Marketing Group leverages this natural synergy for your brand.

Information is Power

One of the most appealing attributes of pay-per-click marketing is that results are easy to track. Unlike many other forms of advertising, PPC advertising offers actionable information about how each ad is performing. Agile Marketing Group can cultivate even more marketing intelligence for your business by building a dedicated landing page for each PPC ad.

This empowers you to determine which ads are working best and converting into real customers. Agile Marketing is about using data to inform advertising decisions in real-time. Marketing in the information age is only truly effective if it is as flexible and adaptable as the environment it competes in.

Stay Agile

The Internet has changed the speed of business. It’s critical to be able to pivot and adapt rapidly not only in your business operations but also, it’s marketing strategies. Pay-per-click advertising offers flexibility that other forms of advertising simply cannot match. Agile Marketing PPC lets you make changes and fine-tune ads on the fly.

We can adapt keyword choices or call-to-action in real-time. Do A/B testing with different headlines and determine which of them works best in an afternoon. Conventional forms of advertising don’t even come close to being as nimble and flexible as PPC campaigns. That keeps your marketing working it’s best, even as conditions change.  


How Do I Recognize a Good PPC Campaign?

Developing pay-per-click advertising that delivers the desired results is both a science and an art. It requires a keen understanding of the Google Ads framework, keyword research and savvy bidding. It isn’t enough to simply throw money at Google and hope for the best. The PPC landscape is fiercely competitive. Agile Marketing Group builds effective PPC campaigns because we understand how to target specific audiences and reach them when they are

PPC Covers

Agile Marketing Group never forgets that pay-per-click means every connection comes at a cost. Building powerful PPC campaigns and harvesting actionable data is the path to

A powerful PPC campaign:

  • Targets one or more specific goals. Keyword strategy means not only choosing relevant keywords but targeting based upon intent. Understanding which of the three main categories of search intent keywords to use (transactional, informational, navigational) is essential.
  • Utilizes optimized landing pages. Effective PPC management requires a solid connection between audience targeting and landing page optimization. The more relevant a landing page is to the original search intent or audience’s interest; the more likely site visitors will take the desired action.
  • Understands that search isn’t the only PPC vertical. While search is usually the primary target, in-market audiences and custom intent audiences can be developed using AdWords machine learning. Making the most of the tools available

Agile Marketing Group

Agile Digital Marketing Services

Agile Marketing Group specializes in digital marketing for the healthcare sphere with an emphasis on behavioral health. Our combined decades of experience in every area of this field allows us to hit the ground running with your campaigns. Time spent explaining the nuances of the SAMH business to another agency is wasted when you can work with an organization that has moved in the same circles you do since it’s inception.

The valuable experience we have gathered operating in the extremely competitive behavioral healthcare marketing space give us an edge in almost any other business looking to expand it’s online presence and get noticed. Contact Agile Marketing Group today for a free consultation and find out how a partnership with us can take your business to the next level.


Agile Marketing Group

Let us become your secret weapon. The efficacy of the Agile marketing approach is well-documented. Collaboration over silos and hierarchies. Responsive solutions rather than stubborn attachment to complex plans. Continuous improvement in the kaizen tradition. Discover what Agile Marketing can do to smash barriers and take your business to the next level.

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