Email Marketing

Email Marketing is Proven Effective

Email Marketing is Proven Effective

While social media and multimedia advertising seem to get the majority of industry attention, email marketing has remained a reliable tool for direct marketing. Market research has shown that companies which rely upon email marketing average 20% higher daily revenue than those who do not. Email marketing continues to be one of the very best ways to leverage contact information both attract new business and stay connected to existing clients.

People are unique in which forms of marketing they are most likely to respond to. Relying too heavily upon one marketing avenue often takes a portion of potential customers off the board. A broad-based marketing strategy that has the bandwidth to cover multiple formats both increases overall visibility and results in an audience with more diverse demographics. This is just part of the reason why 64% of small and medium-sized businesses use email marketing to build customer relationships and attract new business.

Cost-Effective Content Marketing and Broader Reach

The effect your custom content has is directly related to how many people read it. Email marketing is an extremely efficient means of getting your content into more hands. It’s cost-effective with and average of $42 in returns for every dollar spent. (DMA, 2019). Perhaps even more importantly, email marketing is shown to reach audiences which other methods, like social media marketing do not. It is an efficient and effective way to expand and diversify your audience.

Direct marketing methods, like email allow you to personalize your message to the individuals you want to reach. Email is private, unlike social media post or blog on your website. This allows you to fine tune the message to the individual. Audiences who are receptive to email will give it a level of attention that they simply won’t apply to social media, which they consume more passively, if at all.

Why Email Marketing Should Be in Your Toolkit

Email does a great job of reaching people who are difficult to attract in other ways. It’s combination of low cost, customizability and scope make it a natural compliment to the other channels in your digital marketing strategy. Responsible email marketing can hit the sweet spot for engagement, which is why more and more businesses rely on an agency to manage email rather than attempting to go it alone. The efficacy of this form of marketing is dependent on k

Email Marketing
  • Email marketing delivers strong return on investment. For every dollar spent on email marketing, expect an average of $42 in returns. (DMA, 2019). More than 40% of marketers have experienced budget cuts to email since the pandemic. This decrease in volume means this form of marketing has more impact and value now than any time in the past 10 years.
  • Wide distribution of your custom content is key to expanding your reach. Email marketing is the second most popular content distribution channel, just after social media and email is proven to reach audiences that social media marketing doesn’t. 74% of Baby Boomers say email is the most personal channel to communicate with businesses.
  • Interactive emails generate user engagement. Studies show that adding interactive media like videos to your email can increase click through rates by as much as 300% (Martech Advisors, 2017). More than half of global website traffic comes from mobile devices. Agile Marketing Group optimizes its marketing emails for mobile.
  • Welcome emails are proven to build relationships with customers. The average open rate for a welcome email is 82% (GetResponse, 2017) 99% of email users check their inbox every day with 58% of them checking it first thing in the morning. Almost 22% of email campaigns are viewed by the recipient within an hour of being sent.
  • More people use email than all social media combined. Facebook has just over 1 billion active users. Twitter has around 290 million monthly active users. But there are more than 3.8 billion email accounts and that number grows by 100 million every year.

Agile Email Marketing

Agile Digital Marketing Services

Agile Marketing Group incorporates email as a powerful synergistic tool in its digital marketing strategies. Email is an often-overlooked channel that can reinforce brand awareness and improve click rates. Seniors 65 and older in particular prefer correspondence over email to social media and other formats. Direct traffic to websites is 20% higher on the days when emails are sent versus when it is not. Direct marketing via email remains a relevant avenue for business growth and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. Can you afford to ignore it?

Email marketing is just one of the methods Agile Marketing Group can use to expand your online reach and bring you in contact with new audiences. Diversity and flexibility are essential to an effective digital marketing effort. Email marketing has a stellar ROI and it helps ensure you get maximum value from your custom content. Contact Agile Marketing Group today for a free consultation and find out how a partnership with us can take your business to the next level.


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