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Proven, Cost-Effective Tools

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective tools ways to reach the customers who want what you’ve got. Target the right audience with the right message. Agile uses email marketing best practices that result in conversions. Email marketing is effective, especially for encouraging repeat business, but only when you know how and when to use it.

Content marketing on the other hand is targeted more toward soliciting new customers and building your reputation and visibility. A well-engineered content marketing strategy can build your domain authority over time and turn your site into a trusted source for information. Eventually that

Knowing what the right tool for the job is and putting it into play is what a digital marketing agency can do for you. Each element in a digital marketing strategy has a distinct role to play. Coordinating them all and ensuring performance and a healthy ROI is the key to success.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is grossly misunderstood. Because it is relatively inexpensive when compared to quality SEO content, pay-per-click and media advertising, it is more often misused. Then people wonder why it’s not delivering results. E-mail marketing by itself, without integration into a digital marketing strategy is of limited usefulness for sure.

But, when email marketing is used properly, it is a proven “push” marketing method which stimulates repeat business and keeps you connected to your customers. Agile Marketing Group builds modern email marketing campaigns that shore up existing business and inspire customers to return again and again.

Email marketing is a tried and true “push” marketing method which is affordable and effective when used correctly. If you sell products or services people typically need more than once and you can offer sales, discounts or other incentives, e-mail marketing could be a productive part of your digital marketing strategy.

Content Marketing

Where email is most effective at strengthening ties and generating repeat business under specific circumstances, content marketing is effective at growing your customer base, building your reputation and capturing mindshare. We’ll use the drug and alcohol treatment business as an example.

An effective content marketing strategy for a drug rehab center would likely include blogs and articles written by or approved by clinicians and experts on addiction and recovery. Your strategy may also include rich, informative “10x” pages which are designed to rank for relevance and quality on a specific topic the target audience is known to research.

It’s easy to see how building quality content for your site is an investment that pays dividends over time. Every website needs content. If you’re in a competitive healthcare-related industry like addiction treatment, there is a wealth of content out there. It’s not enough to simply crank out blogs on autopilot. You need a content marketing strategy and someone who can execute it.

Content as Strategy

Content marketing done right is a great example of “giving Google what it wants”. There’s no better way to rank than to publish a high-quality, informative article on a topical subject matter that’s relevant to your audience. Survey what’s out there already and outdo it by a wide margin. Your page will not only rank well, but it will also build trust and credibility for your brand. Continue that practice consistently and you increase your domain authority.

Creating high-quality linkable content is the path to generating healthy backlinks. This is why we refer to SEO content and content marketing as an investment. Authority accumulates over time and you can build upon it. Your content works for you and its effects add leverage to the rest of your digital marketing efforts.

Content marketing is very powerful, in part, because it has cumulative effects over time. Keep consistently publishing high-quality content that ranks on relevant topics and it increases your website authority. Ultimately, your site becomes more than just a portal for business. It becomes a trusted source of information and people begin to see it as more than just a brand, but an institution.

It’s Time for Your Business to Get Agile

Could your health care business or growing enterprise use a dynamic and effective digital marketing strategy? Agile Marketing Group is ready to help.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO for your healthcare business cannot be left to chance. SEO is both art and science. When it’s done properly it keeps delivering results.

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