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Content Marketing Drives Traffic

Content Marketing

Custom content marketing drives traffic to your site. The truth is content marketing has been around almost as long as marketing itself. Quality content gives people a reason to not only visit your site, but to spend time there and explore. Effective content entertains and informs. It piques curiosity and improves click through rates (CTR). Custom content is the ideal vehicle to let your customers and clients get to know you better.

What you speak about through your content shows site visitors what matters to you and what you can do for them. It’s a perfect opportunity to showcase your passion and expertise. Your content tells site visitors who you are and why they should care. In the roiling ocean of online content, quality matters more than ever before. If you expect to stand out among a field of competitors, the ordinary and mundane simply won’t do.

Quality Matters

The days when nefarious practices like keyword stuffing, gibberish writing and dodgy backlinks were rewarded are over. People come to the Internet for useful information and resent having their time wasted. Google is in the business of providing relevant information. The path to success in content marketing is simple. Don’t play games. Give your audience and Google what they want. Useful, relevant information presented in a clear and concise manner. Engage the senses, entertain and enlighten wherever possible.

Great content marketing doesn’t make the reader feel like they’re receiving a sales pitch or wasting their time reading a bunch of filler to glean one useful nugget of information buried at the bottom. The goal is content that your intended audience wants to read and interact with. Don’t be an also-ran when you can be an authoritative, cited source of information that others turn to. Agile Marketing Group utilizes first-rate creators with industry experience to produce authentic and informative content.

Strategy is Key

Content marketing can only achieve its objectives if it is in alignment with your overarching digital marketing strategy. Well-written and interesting material alone isn’t enough. Content can be an incredibly powerful tool for capturing and holding attention. However, it takes synchronicity with the rest of your digital marketing if you want to capture the right sets of eyes. When content marketing is working in harmony with the rest of your online strategy it acts as a force multiplier.

Content Marketing

Each part of your digital marketing apparatus isn’t meant to operate independently. Real strategy requires an understanding of how all the moving parts interact. A PPC campaign that targets the right audience. A custom landing page which is relevant to their interests. Custom content which delivers the answers they are looking for and invites them to explore and learn more. Digital marketing is better understood as a system rather than a collection of parts and strategy is what makes it all work together.

What Does an Effective Content Marketing Strategy Look Like?

Developing pay-per-click advertising that delivers the desired results is both a science and an art. It requires a keen understanding of the Google Ads framework, keyword research and savvy bidding. It isn’t enough to simply throw money at Google and hope for the best. The PPC landscape is fiercely competitive. Agile Marketing Group builds effective PPC campaigns because we understand how to target specific audiences and reach them when they are.

Agile Marketing Group never forgets that pay-per-click means every connection comes at a cost. Building powerful PPC campaigns and harvesting actionable data is the path to

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An Effective Content Marketing Strategy:

  • Assesses the competition. Content marketing is extremely competitive. The Internet is awash with content. If your content is going to stand out and perform, it needs to be more than just interesting and informative. It needs to be relevant and to learn from what your competition has done right as well as where they have failed. Awareness is essential.
  • Seizes opportunities. Paying close attention to trending topics, current events and industry developments is a must. Relevance is everything and knowing what people will be searching for tomorrow tells you what content you should be creating today.
  • Leverages advantages. You are surrounded by assets. Knowing how to reoptimize and implement existing content in new ways maximizes value. A great content strategy also relies on the human capital and knowledge in your organization.
  • Builds an audience. Content marketing strategies that deliver results are built for the long haul. It’s not about getting attention with a flash in the pan. Your target audience are savvy. Why settle for just a minute of their time when you can build a relationship?

Show Them Who You Are

Agile Digital Marketing Services

Quality content marketing does more than simply draw attention. It gives your brand an identity beyond your name, logo and color palette. Content builds a bridge between you and the reader. Great content invites an interactive relationship with the people you are best positioned to serve. It’s an opportunity to paint a vivid picture of your organization that goes beyond slogans and branding. It communicates your values and demonstrates your knowledge and passion.


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