What is PPC Management?

PPC management consists of developing and operating an organizations pay-per-click advertising strategy and budget. That generally includes identifying which channels to target and analyzing your competitions PPC advertising for opportunities. Everything from keyword research to developing ads complete with original content is part of PPC management. Once campaigns are underway, a PPC management firm will monitor their performance and enhancing the campaigns focus and structure. This includes optimizations based upon which keywords are performing best to constant A/B testing of new ads and landing pages.

Skilled PPC management is about continuous improvement and adaptation. One of the great things about pay-per-click advertising is that results are easy to track, unlike most conventional forms of advertising. Pay-per-click advertising exists only online (obviously) so it’s completely digital. That means you don’t have to find ways to generate data. PPC advertising is data driven by nature. The data is all around you. The real power in pay-per-click advertising is in using what you learn and to inform strategy. Organizations hire PPC management firms for their expertise in keyword research and selection as well as their experience in setting realistic goals and piloting campaigns to maximize your ROI. Pay-per-click advertising is very effective at driving traffic and conversions when it’s done properly and it yields lots of useful data.

Core Elements of PPC Management

  • Channel Targeting: Deciding which channels to utilize is part of the PPC management process. The primary channel is Google Ads, but display networks, Bing Ads and social media networks may also enter the equation.
  • Competition Analysis: A keen understanding of your competitors PPC marketing behaviors is critical to effective pay-per-click ad campaigns. Studying everything from their content and design to which keywords they choose to target provides invaluable data. No PPC campaign exists in a vacuum after all.  
  • Keyword Research: As in SEO content creation, identifying the keywords to target is a key part of the strategy. In order to access your desired audience, you need to know what keywords they are searching for. As a PPC campaign progresses, different keywords may be prioritized as a result of optimization efforts. Others may be deprioritized or eliminated. A savvy PPC campaign is continuously evolving in response to the data.
  • PPC Campaign/Ad Monitoring: You might think of a PPC campaign as a living, breathing organism in a way. Pay-per-click advertising isn’t a “set it and forget it” sort of undertaking. It’s always in motion. In order to get the ROI and results you’re after, a good PPC management firm will monitor and report on the performance of campaigns.
  • A/B Split Testing: Experimentation across the PPC funnel is a fundamental tactic for continuous improvement. It takes the guesswork out of which imagery or design to use. By running dueling landing pages and ads simultaneously you can quickly determine which is giving you the desired results. Great PPC management firms rely on split testing to zero in on the most effective design elements and approaches.  
  • Campaign Optimization: All of the elements above factor into campaign optimization. This is the practice of using the data you gather before and during the campaign to inform PPC strategy decisions. Optimization, in a nutshell, is narrowing the focus to emphasize the best performing keywords best performing landing pages or design elements and leveraging anything else you learn to your advantage for present and future campaigns.

Why Do I Need Pay-Per-Click Ad Management?

Larger organizations or businesses in the digital marketing space may have an in-house PPC management expert. However, many find that it’s more cost effective to hire on an outside agency that specializes in PPC management. This kind of work can be somewhat labor intensive, and if you aren’t experienced, it’s easy to end up with disappointing results or make costly mistakes. Results are the name of the game, especially when you’re spending money.

You need a return on investment and you need to know how a form of advertising is performing for you and what you are learning from it. If you intend on running pay-per-click advertising campaigns, then you will need PPC management. This powerful type of advertising simply doesn’t deliver the results it’s famous for while on autopilot. It takes a steady hand at the wheel. PPC isn’t the place to do on-the-job training. More often than not that ends up being a costly exercise in frustration.

Agile PPC Management

At Agile Marketing Group, PPC management is right in our wheelhouse. We’ve got decades of combined experience and we judiciously monitor industry trends. Our intimate familiarity with the healthcare industry, especially SA/MH means we’re likely already familiar with what your competition is up to. Why not leverage our experience and expertise to get your organizations PPC campaigns up and performing at their best?

Contact Agile Marketing Group today for a free consultation and find out how a partnership with us can take your business to the next level.

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