Looking For Email Marketing For Healthcare Businesses? 

Have you been considering email marketing for your healthcare businesses? Think an email campaign or a long-term email effort might improve your revenues? Just curious about the process and what it may be able to do for your healthcare business?

Then you’re in luck, as we’re experts in email marketing for healthcare here at Agile Marketing. While we offer and excel at nearly every kind of digital marketing, we’re happy to be able to offer email marketing to healthcare businesses specifically, from drug treatment and rehab centers, to insurance agents, to psychologists. 

Of course, we always want to educate our clients on the principles of marketing, and we’re always happy to talk any ideas though if you’re on the fence or would like more information. We will always help you come up with the right marketing strategy for your unique business. But we’ve created this guide to give you a good idea about what email marketing can do, what needs are better suited to other forms of marketing, and what the unique strengths of email marketing are so you can make the most informed decisions for your business. 

As far as definitions go, email marketing is just what it sounds like: sending current and potential customers personalized emails to attract their attention. This service is partially automated and relatively cost effective. 

Benefits To Email Marketing For Healthcare Businesses

Email Marketing For Healthcare Is Timely 

Email marketing is likely the fastest way to get your message out to consumers. Whether you’re running a special, have a sale, or want to let customers be aware of a new product or service, email marketing is one of the most effective ways to do this. It’s also an effective way to share blog posts and other regular information with your customers. 

For healthcare businesses in particular, email marketing is perfect for reminding people about specific events: open enrollment periods for insurers and agents, potential trigger-times for drug and alcohol treatment facilities and psychologists, etc.   

Email Marketing For Healthcare Generates Site Visits

One of the most important factors in your site’s ranking on search engines like Google are visits to your website. The exact algorithms are closely guarded trade secrets but we are certain one of the factors are clicks on a specific site— search engines want to send customers to relevant sites, and one of the ways to tell if a site is relevant is how many people visit that site. 

Not only do these clicks help improve your rankings, but once you get potential customers to your site you can convert them. It’s the digital age equivalent to a potential customer walking into a brick-and-mortar store. You have to get them in first, but once they’re inside you have the opportunity to make a sale. Email marketing gets them proverbially inside. 

Email Marketing For Healthcare Is Cost Effective

Because large parts of the process are both automated and digital, email marketing is very cost effective, especially when compared to traditional marketing strategies such as mailers. There is a small overhead for automation, but basically the only thing you’re paying for is the writing and creation of the content. 

In addition, email marketing for healthcare businesses is relatively easy to set up, and there generally isn’t a huge lead time to see results. As opposed to other content strategies, such as localization and SEO, email marketing is effective immediately. 

Email Marketing For Healthcare Generates Data 

One very interesting aspect of email marketing for healthcare companies that not everyone is aware of, is it generates an enormous amount of customer data. You can see exactly who is opening up your emails, who is clicking through to your site, and ultimately who is purchasing, calling, and interacting. 

This lends itself to all different kinds of testing and messaging data that can be used to understand what kind of marketing and messages are resonating with your audience. If you see one subject heading strategy is only getting an open rate of 50 percent, and another is getting a rate of 75 percent, it can tell you about what is effective, as well as a host of other insights. 

Email Marketing For Healthcare Generates Leads

Because you’re marketing to a population that has in some way already interacted with your business, you are able to target a very specific audience who is already somewhat likely to be receptive to your message. This is in part what makes it cost effective. 

But this also generates leads. With the data produced, you can see who may be on the fence about your products or services and further reach out. 

Challenges With Email Marketing

The biggest challenge with email marketing is having a sizable email list. While there are many strategies to develop this list, healthcare is particularly suited to generating email because of the nature of the business— because it’s a service, emails are often quite easy to collect. However, if those emails are being collected in person, on paper, they will need to be entered into the database manually. With this said, there are many strategies for collecting these emails, and we will be happy to help you in thinking this problem through. 

Think Healthcare Email Marketing Is For You? Give Us A Call Today! 

Do you own a healthcare business and have you been thinking some email marketing— or any digital marketing for that matter— might be right for you? Give us a call at (561) 559-4539. We offer free consultations and can help you find the right strategy for your business. 

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