If you are in charge of your medical/healthcare company’s SEO strategy, there are some things that you must include. Before you do so, however, it is good to remember that SEO strategies and techniques are constantly changing, so you and your team will need to be adaptive to these changes.

If you aren’t sure how to incorporate the tips you learn about here today, please reach out to our Agile Marketing team. Our specialists can create high-quality content, keyword research, html, structure and much more for your website.

High-Quality, SEO-Based Content

Content is the number one thing that you and your healthcare team need to focus on when it comes to SEO strategy. There are other efforts that you will need to put forth, but they don’t mean as much as the content on your website. If you don’t have quality content, Google isn’t going to rank your page very high up on the search engine. If you don’t have any great writers or aren’t sure what to write about regarding your company, don’t worry. You can hire our Agile Marketing team to help you out. We have experienced writers who have a passion for helping our clients reach their intended audience.

Using the Best Keywords

 Keywords or the lack thereof can make or break your Google search rankings. The things that people type into Google are keywords. The ones that are searched for the most are the top-ranking keywords in any niche. For example, medical writer is a keyword that you might search when trying to find someone to write for your healthcare company. Agile Marketing could come up as we have written and do write for a number of healthcare companies.

If you want your company’s website to show up higher on the search engine pages, using the proper keywords is a must. It is also important to make sure you have the keywords placed appropriately and not just stuffed into your website content and blog posts.

Last, but not least, it isn’t just about the words that are used. It is about the intent in which people have when they search for something specific in the healthcare field, too.

Are you unsure of what keywords to use, where to use them or how to use them? If so, that is alright. Here at Agile Marketing, our team can handle the keywords for your content. We will start with a primary keyword for each page or post. Then, we can sprinkle in some secondary keywords to amp up the content even more.

Keywords for Title Tag, Meta Description, Subheadings, and URL

We know – it sounds like a lot to remember and incorporate into your website content and blog post healthcare SEO strategy, but we can help you. For instance, the title of the blog post would be your title tag. The title tag is what people are going to see in the browser tab and type in when they want to go to your specific website or blog post.

Let’s show you an example. So, just as with above, if the keyword was medical writer, a title could be, “Can you hire a medical writer for your healthcare company website content?” The part that is in quotes is your title tag.

Now, let’s get into your meta description. This is the description that summarizes what is on your pages. Each page should have its own meta description.. This is a crucial aspect to your healthcare SEO strategy. This snippet is what search engines look at to rank your page amongst that of your competitors or of similar websites. It is also important to remember to put quality content into this snippet, as it will be displayed under each headline on the search engine pages. Your primary keyword should absolutely be in the meta description.

What about with your subheadings? Should you put the keyword in all of those? You don’t need to have the primary keyword in all of your subheadings. However, it should be in at least one subheading. If you have secondary keywords, as you would likely have when working with our Agile Marketing team, those should go in at least one subheading, too.

The primary keyword you have should be placed in the URL, too. Just as with the meta description, your URL is something that you create in the website designer or platform, whether that be Squarespace, WordPress or something else.

Another thing to keep in mind with your keywords is that your primary keyword should always show up in your first 100 words on each page or in each post. This way your reader can instantly recognize what the article or website content is going to be about. With decreasing attention spans happening more frequently now, this is vital to the success of your website or blog content.

Great User Experience

What do users feel or think when they open up your website? What about when they search for your healthcare company or read through your blog posts? It is vital to the success of your company that you have a great user experience on your website and your blog. Mainly, this can be up to the site designer, which you can work with here at Agile Marketing. Doing this can greatly improve your Google rankings, too.

Some of the things that make for a great user experience are mobile-friendly design, fast loading times and clear navigation. If you want to know more about creating this type of website, don’t hesitate to reach our Agile Marketing team today.

Quality Links for Your Healthcare SEO Strategy

Links are so important to your healthcare SEO strategy. First of all, they help to build your company’s credibility and authority. It is crucial that you are using relevant, credible backlinks (both external and internal) in all your website content and blog posts.

Some other reasons why using quality, credible links in your healthcare SEO strategy is so important are:

  • Blogs are more shareable when using helpful, credible links
  • Being published in medical journals improves the trust in your business
  • Adding content to social media channels with credible links means more people are likely to see your content

If you want help with the proper placement of links or help with finding the best links for your content or posts, our Agile Marketing team can help you with this.

Get Going with Your Healthcare SEO Strategy Today

These are 5 must-have things when you are creating your healthcare SEO strategy. If you don’t have the experience with creating this type of strategy or you feel that your business could use a boost in this area, our Agile Marketing team would be happy to help.

Here at Agile Marketing, we have worked with many medical/healthcare companies in creating their website content and blog posts. It is our specialty and we would love to help you grow and improve your website, too.

Contact us today to start improving your healthcare SEO strategy. Whether this is from the ground up or you are just making improvements, our team is ready to get going on your website content and blog posts.

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